Dogs of Lindbergh Lake Lodge

I was thrilled to see all the photos of dogs included in the collection.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have named our house across the river The Lucky Lab Lodge.  I can’t think of a better place for dogs.  We recently lost our sweet Lola to cancer, but a week and 1/2 before, she was able to go to Lindbergh Lake for one last time.  Here is a photo of her out on the dock looking at Canadian Geese.

Here are some of the photos I found in the collection.  From what I can figure out:

Pancho and Injun are the black labs

Chief is the German Shepherd

And you will even see Jocko the deer in one of the pictures (jocko will get a full post shortly)

Let me know if you know any of the other dogs names and of course, I am always interested in the names of the people in the photographs for all of the posts.

Injun and Poncho on Christmas Day

Christmas Day Injun and Poncho

Christmas Day 1940 fishing Lindbergh Lake, John Stark, Tyne, Poncho…

John Stark

“Ike” Laird, Tyne Laird, Cap Laird and John Stark September 1930

“Ike” Laird, Tyne Laird, Cap Laird and John Stark September 1930

Jocko and Chief September 1930

“Ike”, ?, ?, Marie Stark, John Stark 1932

Marie and John Stark 1931-32

Am I right that this is Cap and Tyne?

Joan Bliss ( Thanks Jan for Identifying your Mother).

Rest in peace sweet Lola…I am sure you have already found your way back to Lindbergh Lake, because I am pretty sure it is heaven….

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4 Responses to Dogs of Lindbergh Lake Lodge

  1. Kim Tollefsen says:

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures! I’d love to see more! Kim Tollefsen

    • Thanks Kim. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I am going to have time soon to put up more photos :). I will also follow up on some of the other people who have offered pictures. Summer is here! Yeah!

  2. Christie Laird says:

    I hope someone can help me. I am Christie Laird the great great granddaughter of Levi Laird, Eli Cap brother. My dad was 12 yr old when he went to Laird Lodge with his dad. Hes 86 and I would love to take him again if it’s still around. if anyone has information thank you

    • Wendy Drasdo says:

      Hi Christie,
      Sorry to be so late in reply. I have passed on your information. I’m going to make it a point to put on more pictures shortly 🙂

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