Big News

Well probably the biggest news is that we no longer own the Lindbergh Lake Lodge.  The great news is that the owners have given me enthusiastic permission to continue doing this blog.  Jim and I are right across the river at the Lucky Lab Lodge, which was the old Fitzgerald place.  Speaking of across the river…the webcam has been upgraded to a HD camera which really brings the lake to life.  You can see snow falling and windswept snow across the lake.  Yesterday was quite a snowstorm.  You will find a link to the webcam just under the header.

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3 Responses to Big News

  1. Polly Wingfield says:

    What a fabulous site you have created!!!! THANK YOU! A treat to behold! PP Wingfield

  2. Wow! Just found your site thanks to Kathy Koors:) This is good stuff and I have enjoyed all of it. Might be able to help ID some of the photos, or direct you to folks related to people in the pics! -Suzanne Vernon

  3. i can id Dana Emorrison,Elinore and daughter Jane on the start of brochure on lodge steps

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