Captain Laird’s Recreation Lodge

Here are some of the old publications for Laird’s Lodge.  I like that the feeling back then is still true today.  Most of the time the lake is still “Chuck Full Of Hush”.

Here is one of the brochures extolling the lodge as “The Land Chuck Full of Hush”:

The Land Chuck full of Hush


I love the old wood print on this which describes Laird’s Lodge “Where Trails Begin”:

Where Trails Begin


This next one describes how to get to Laird’s Lodge.  It first describes how to get their by car or train, but then offers direction for those “wishing to travel by air”, who are urged to announce their date and hour of arrival (by wire) and state whether or not they have trunks 🙂

Directions to Laird's Lodge


Here is the interior of one of the brochures:

Page One


Page two


Page Three


Page Four


Page Five


Page Six

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5 Responses to Captain Laird’s Recreation Lodge

  1. Pennylanes says:

    thanks for the information, the connections to the days of “HUSH” ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AND SO INFORMATIVE


  2. lived at the lodge every summer from 1940-195 & have film photos and history of the
    Dick glad to share the fond memories and photos or knpwledge.

  3. Duncan Laird says:

    Thanks so much for posting. Cap Laird was my great-great uncle, and though I never met him I was close to my grandfather, Laurence “Ike” Laird, who worked at the Lodge and shared fond memories of his time there. Just finished building a big rec room and have christened it “Laird’s Lodge” in remembrance.

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