Voices of the Swan

For those of you interested in this website, I know you will be interested in this new book.  It is called “Montana Voices of the Swan – Stories from the Upper Swan Oral History Project.”  Here is a link to the Upper Swan Valley Historical Society with information on how to purchase this book.

Upper Swan Valley Historical Society Website

The wealth of information is amazing about this valley….

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Cap and Tyne Laird

First I want to thank Lois Ukrainetz for organizing many of the pictures you will see in this blog as well as writing down bits of history.  The box was full of treasures that were well organized because of her.  I am hoping these pictures and memories that I will include, will encourage others to share their memories of this place.  I am of course a late comer to the scene, so the information you provide will be invaluable to set the history straight.  Well, there would not be a “Lindbergh Lake Lodge” today if Cap and Tyne Laird had not built “Laird’s Lodge” as it was known when it was built.

Cap Laird

Tyne Laird

Cap and Tyne Laird

Cap and Tyne Laird

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Let’s get started

Welcome to the Lindbergh Lake Lodge Blog.

I am Wendy Drasdo.  My Husband Jim  and I, along with Harry and Cricket Wilson, purchased the Lindbergh Lake Lodge from the Ukrainatz family at the end of July in 2002.

We visited the Lodge on July 4th, 2002 and knew we had stumbled upon a piece of paradise.  As we were leaving, I took a quick snapshot from the car window because I always wanted to have this place in my memory. Although we had not planned on purchasing a place in Montana, we had fallen under the spell of Lindbergh Lake.  That evening, we decided to follow our hearts and the next day we told the Wilson’s we would join them as partners in the Lindbergh Lake Lodge.


View from the window of the Suburban July 4, 2002


One of the bonus treasures  when we purchased the lodge was a box of memories.  It is like opening a box of someones family photos and feeling like you want to return them in someway.  So hopefully this will be a way to give back to the community and to those whose memories are captured in these photographs.  All I ask in return is that you help me make this blog better, by sharing your memories or identifying people in the photographs.

I will start with a concise history written by Lois Ukrainetz for the Seeley Swan Pathfinder dated Thursday, August 11, 1998

I give this to you verbatim as I will do with every article in the collection

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