Cap and Tyne Laird

First I want to thank Lois Ukrainetz for organizing many of the pictures you will see in this blog as well as writing down bits of history.  The box was full of treasures that were well organized because of her.  I am hoping these pictures and memories that I will include, will encourage others to share their memories of this place.  I am of course a late comer to the scene, so the information you provide will be invaluable to set the history straight.  Well, there would not be a “Lindbergh Lake Lodge” today if Cap and Tyne Laird had not built “Laird’s Lodge” as it was known when it was built.

Cap Laird

Tyne Laird

Cap and Tyne Laird

Cap and Tyne Laird

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8 Responses to Cap and Tyne Laird

  1. Terry Winchell says:

    I have about 30 pieces of the original furniture from the lodge that I purchased about 8 years ago. Terry Winchell

  2. Jim Crawford says:

    I grew up hearing stories about Cap and the Georgie Oakes and the Spokane. I’m glad to see the lodge is preserved and some pictures and stories on this site. I also have several pieces of furniture made by John Stark as well as a picture of him with my father and grandfather. My great grandfather is Cap Laird, I obviously never knew him, but I did know Larry and Alma Laird and their grey parrots. I have several pictures in a framed collage, one with a very long cougar draped over Cap’s shoulders. Also, in addition to the pictures, there is a brochure regarding the Lodge and the Land Chuck Full O’ Hush. Since my grandfather is gone, I would be interested to find any other stories. I know there was a book about the steamboats but that too was a long time ago.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the note. I am going to be posting many pictures that I have scanned on this site. Take a look and see if you recognize anyone. I also have some of the old brochures. I would love to put yours on the website if they are different. I am going to focus on getting this up and running in October, so keep an eye out for many new items.

    • Duncan Laird says:

      Jim–we’re cousins! Cap was my great great-uncle! Laurence (Ike) Laird was my grandfather (son of Levi Laird, Cap’s twin brother,) and I got a lump in my throat as I read your sentence on the grey parrots. I visited them every August in Priest River growing up, and well remember Kofi and Chico—-the parrots they’d brought back from Ghana. My father was Clarence (Clancy) Laird. I have many photos, and a book called “Steamboats on the Timber,” which has at least one chapter dedicated to Cap’s exploits. I’ve also seen the picture of the cougars, on a calendar that Ike had from 1932, advertising a grain distribution company. One story I heard about Cap was that he had the record for cougar bounty in the state of Montana. I also have two chairs made by John Stark, from lodgepole pine. I was very close to my grandfather. He lived to be 93, and was as sharp and as active as could be til the end. He worked at Laird’s Lodge as a young man. I’ll get to work scanning these pictures, and post them. Just came across this website recently. How wonderful!


      Duncan Laird

      • Jim Crawford says:

        I am so glad to hear from you and learn a little more of my own history, too bad took almost five years to stumble upon your reply! Thanks for the name on that book, I couldn’t find it anywhere. My family got bigger and I didn’t even know it!

        Warmest Regards,
        Jim Crawford

      • Jim Crawford says:

        Did Ike ever tell you the story of the Rabbi?

    • Jack burrows says:

      My grandfather and cap were first cousins grandfathers name was spencer burrows from poca hollow mo. Carter county. He also worked awhile on the steamer.used to have several pics of cap when he would come to mo.

  3. I received this email back in September, and somehow it was put in my junk mail. I was doing a little maintenance and came across this, so I throw it out to any of you. Have any of you heard of the Lillywhites?

    I have been sorting through some papers of my grandparents, William and Minnie (Mary Rose) Lillywhite of Southampton, NY. You can visit the website below for information on my grandfather and ancestry.

    In those papers I have come across a manila mailer from the Montana State Highway Department which included a travel brochure of Montana and a wonderful pen and ink descriptive map of the state.(all dated 1937).

    It was mailed a the request of Captain and Tyne Laird. So, I googled them and came to your website for the lodge.

    Have you any idea of the Laird’s relationship to either the Philips or Lillywhite families in Southampton, Long Island?

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