Winter Photos

For those of you in Montana…who are probably digging out from this weeks storm.  I thought I would add some winters pictures this week.


I think this is the dining Hall?  It is one of my favorite pictures.  The original is now framed on the wall of the lodge.  Lindbergh Lake Lodge snow storm

Here is the view from the road side of the lodge covered in snow

The view from the river

From the lake looking back at the lodge

The Water wheel covered in snow

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1 Response to Winter Photos

  1. John Garnett says:

    One year while we were at the Lodge, it snowed so much that they had to send a snowplow out from Missoula. It took it three days to get there. Mother, Dad and I walked cross country to Ross Greening’s house. Dad was first in line, followed by Mother and then me. I was only six years old and the snow was above my head. Being from East Texas, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven. I loved it.

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