33 Bar Ranch

33 BarWell, we are at it again.  Jim and I purchased the 33 Bar Ranch which is across Highway 83 up Barber Creek.  As the name suggests, it was built in 1933 by the Wilhelm Family.  There are some great stories in the book I mentioned “Voices of the Swan” in an earlier post.  Unlike the Lindbergh Lake Lodge, we do not have photographs of the original structure.  We are working with Nick Fullerton, an architect from Bigfork, to imagine what this place was like back in the 30’s.  We are also recreating the original homestead that was built in 1911.  Nick was also the architect who restored the Lindbergh Lake lodge.  Any stories or pictures you might have of the 33 bar would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Went every summer from 1973-77 as a girl scout trip. (No green uniforms) Buff & Dune Hultman owned it the 1st trip. Then Barbara and Virgil Burns bought it. His obituary gives more background.
    Buff & Dune took us to rodeo.
    We mostly had rooms in the house but some stayed in the outside cabins.
    We were taught to saddle our own horses and put them away along with everything in between.
    We were in the saddle up to 10 hours a day on trails with 100 ft drops on one side. Could find antlers by the trails and drink from every stream. Best tasting water in the world.
    Went on horseback all the way up to sapphire Lake. Literally the most beautiful place on the planet in late June early July.
    From what I can see the outside and the inside are basically the same as they were in the seventies.

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