Live Webcam

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for a live webcam of Lindbergh Lake

12 Responses to Live Webcam

  1. Robert Lindquist says:

    Web cam is down–really enjoy seeing the lake all year long

    • Wendy Drasdo says:

      Sorry I did not reply when this came in! Yikes! That was last year. It did alert me to the camera being down, so please let me know if it happens again. I enjoy taking a peek from afar as well.

  2. Bill Hildreth says:

    Looks like the camera is down again.

  3. Bill Hildreth says:

    You are welcome. I especially enjoy watching the spider that seems to appear late in the summer every year.

  4. Scott smith says:

    I have love following your WebCam on Lindbergh Lake. I have a cabin on Cygnet and it is always nice seeing the changes in weather. I have not been able to pull it up the last two months! Are you planning on getting it going again? Really really enjoy it

  5. Wendy Drasdo says:

    Looks like a beautiful day at the lake today! Webcam is up and running. Enjoy!

    • Scott smith says:

      Wendy thank you so much for getting the WebCam going! Maybe we can meet sometime this summer! Scott Smith over on Cygnet

  6. Wendy Drasdo says:

    You’re welcome, and believe me you were not alone in asking about the camera. It is really great how many people enjoy the camera and miss it when it is down.

  7. Bill Hildreth says:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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